Mission and Vision

Süleyman Demirel University Institute of Science and Technology;

- To create qualified and versatile relationships in national and international academic, public and private sector-related fields,

- To respond to literature and application needs in theoretical and experimental fields by following scientific and social developments and requirements,

- To train researchers who can continue their work by making independent research plans on quality and innovative research subjects.

To support the existence of necessary graduate programs.

In this regard, with the awareness that graduate programs are open to continuous development and have a dynamic structure, we aim to work towards the continuity and improvement of the educational quality of existing graduate programs.

Distinguished scientist who ensures scientific competition at national and international levels with Süleyman Demirel University Institute of Science graduate education programs, who carries out innovative, superior and literature-determining studies with his permanent curiosity and discovery feelings blended with his talents and skills, and who volunteers to serve the spread of science to all levels of society. and to be an institution that trains researchers.